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We Buy Gold, platinum and silver


If it's precious metal, we'll buy it!

Scrap Price is our lowest Offer
So it takes time to value your gold. We don't just throw it on the scales and make an offer. Our customers trust us, and we play fair with them.
You will be offered a good price on each item because we sell the jewellery when possible in our shop, and in those cases the offer will be more than just the scrap value of the metal.
This means it will take at least half an hour to value your gold, but it's worth the wait.  We can text your phone to let you know when the valuation is ready; which will save you wasting time.

Decide what you want to do

You'll need proof of identity to sell

We need ID with your photo and address.  A drivers licence has both.  If the photo Id does not have your address e.g. your passport, we need something else with the address on, a bill, bank statement, council tax form or prescription.  For those lucky enough to look under 18, proof of date of birth is also required, a driving licence has that as well.
Sorry about that, but we want to be certain the jewellery is yours to sell.  We try hard to ensure nobody sells stolen jewellery in our shop; if your jewellery was stolen, you wouldn't want us to buy it!

Would you scrap your car because the ashtray is full?

Of course not! So don't sell good jewellery as scrap, especially if it's gem set. Many dealers only pay scrap price for gold, and throw away the gems.
If we can resell the jewellery, you'll get more than scrap price.
And it's so much better for the earth.  Don't let a dealer throw gemstones in the bin!  Sell to a shop who also sell used jewellery; save the earth and get more money.

Get 2 or more valuations

We believe we normally offer the best price in Wrexham.  But don't take our word for it.  Get other offers.  We'll give you a copy of our valuation, so you can compare it to other shops

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