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About Jewellery

Clean jewellery at home

Check our advice because jewellery is delicate and can be damaged.   Cleaning can really make a difference, and often can be done safely at home.  

Jewellery and watch repairs

Don't discard damaged jewellery, repairs may be cheaper than you think.   Have your best jewellery checked and cleaned professionally.  We may identify a loose stone, and an early repair may save you a lot of money!

Precious Metals


It doesn't tarnish, and craftsmen enjoy working it.  Why is it so expensive, how to identify plated jewellery, what makes Welsh gold special?

White Metals

Silver, platinum and white gold, read about their different qualities.


Gemstone Index

Full list of gemstones we have photographed and described.


What makes a stone into a gemstone

Why some stones are just pebbles suitable for concrete, while others are beautiful to wear.

Coated Gemstones

Beautiful, but they need special care.

Or go straight to these specific gems:

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