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We Buy Jewellery

Gold, silver or platinum, broken or whole, we have the experience to give you a great offer

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We have an exciting range in our online shop, but come to our shop for an even larger selection.  Follow the link for a brief idea of our range and prices


Use your gold jewellery as security for a loan, pay back what you like when you like over 6 months.   Much better value than payday loans!  We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activities

Jewellery and Watch Repairs

From the simplest chain repair to a complete rebuild.
Don't despair if your jewellery is damaged, the repair may be a lot cheaper and simpler than you think!

Insurance Valuations

Required by insurance companies for valuable jewellery.
It can be used to prove who owns stolen jewellery, and, if the jewellery is lost, how much it would cost to replace it.

Probate Valuations

Needed when settling the estate.  It's the amount the jewellery would be worth if sold to a dealer

About jewellery

Cleaning Jewellery at Home

Your best jewellery should be cleaned professionally, but with care jewellery can be cleaned at home.  You'll be delighted with the results


It resists tarnishing, the colour is beautiful, and craftsmen love working with it.

Silver and other white metals

Including white gold and platinum.  Consider their different qualities before deciding what to buy


Gemstone Index

Links to all the gems we have described and photographed

What makes a pebble into a gem?


PVD Coated Gemstones

The colours are beautiful, but treat these stones with extra care

Go straight to these specific gems


The hardest stone, but it can be shattered by a blow.  See its amazing beauty.

Sapphires and rubies

Very hard stones, with amazing beauty.  Be aware some stones are enhanced before sale

Emeralds and Aquamarine

Beautiful stones.  Emeralds often have inclusions which look awesome through our microscope


A large, varied, family of gems.

Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quarty and Rock Crystal

Quartz in a pure form.  Beautiful, but can be scratched by sand, and other grit


Micro-crystals, often with a splendid range of irridescent colour


Fossilised resin, sometimes with the remains of long-dead insects.  Be aware, some stones are treated before sale

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About Wrexham

Wrexham Heritage Trail

A walk around the town, enjoying the many historic buildings

Wrexham Wedding Trail

Our part in the annual Wedding Trail event, and brief information on what you will find at this exciting event.

Wrexham's history

A brief history of Wrexham, with links to more information

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Meet the team

Brief information about us and our staff.
Get to know them before you visit us

See the shop in a video

April (age 9), from Team Glitterbomb on Robot Wars comes to us for work experience.  See our workshop, and what it's like to work for us!

Our Shop's story

Our shop dates from Charles II reign.  How it became a jewellers


why we use them, how you can control them

Privacy policy

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What this site is about

Jewellery is fun!  We want to share with you some of the things that make jewellery beautiful.   We also answer questions about caring for jewellery;  how to get it valued; how you can clean it at home, or when it's best to get professional help.
We've been running this business for 30 years, now's your chance to benefit from our experience.