Martin Rees, Jeweller and Pawnbroker

Yes, we can repair it

Some repairs we can do

Who does our repairs?

Our Workshop

We have equipment to size rings, solder gold and silver, and polish jewellery to a high standard.  Simple repairs can be done on our premises, however our staff are very busy so often we send work to outside contractors.  Because our staff know how to do repairs we can ensure outside contractors are working to the highest standard.

Polishing a ring in our workshop
Polishing a ring in our workshop.

Outside Contractors

These are carefully selected, their prices are fair and they are excellent craftsmen. Mostly they work in major jewellery centres, so they have much better access to other suppliers than we have. For instance if we want to buy a diamond to repair a ring it has to be done through the post; they can walk to a nearby dealer!
Also they can easily subcontract some of the work, if others have the necessary skills.  Our network of contractors ensures you get the best possible results at the most economical price.

It May Cost Less Than You Expect!

We hear reports that some multiple stores are charging high prices for repairs.  These stores are often more interested in selling new jewellery, and are less efficient than independents when handling repairs.
We believe that repairs are part of our overall service, so we keep our prices at reasonable levels.  This does not mean that our workmanship is inferior; rather this is a field where we can compete effectively with large stores.  We love jewellery and want you to continue wearing the jewellery you love.  Do contact an independent jeweller before deciding you cannot justify the cost of getting your jewellery repaired.

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This wedding ring has been squashed! After a repair it looks as good as new.
Damaged wedding ring Same wedding ring restored and looking like new

A chain with a broken clasp.  It's a simple repair, but after soldering the chain had to be polished, and that has made an amazing difference.

Chain with damaged clasp Same chain as new

A more complicated repair. This beautiful silver ring has lost its centre emerald. Our customer could have chosen a green CZ to replace it, I am glad she chose the more expensive natural emerald as it is a much better colour match
Silver ring missing an emerald Same ring after repair