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Select at home, then come to our shop to make your final choice.   Or buy online and we'll deliver.

What else can we do?

What we Sell

We have an exciting range in our online shop, but come to our shop for an even larger selection.  Follow the link for a brief idea of our range and prices

We Buy Gold

Also silver and platinum.  Because we sell second-hand jewellery, we pay over the scrap price for products we can sell on.  Even if an item is damaged, we may be able to offer more than the scrap price.


Loans usig your jewellery as security to raise money quickly.  Repeated checks show we make larger loans, yet charge less interest than other pawnbrokers in Wrexham.  We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activities

Jewellery and watch repairs

Don't discard damaged jewellery, repairs may be cheaper than you think.

Insurance Valuations

If your jewellery is valuable, your insurers may require this before arranging replacement.  Also the accurate description can help police prove the jewellery is your property.  If you have doubts about whether such a valuation is necessary, talk to us, and we will advise you.

Probate Valuations

Needed when settling the estate.  It's the amount the jewellery would be worth if sold to a dealer

What this site is about

We've been running this business for 30 years, now's your chance to benefit from our experience.
We buy and silver most types of jewellery.  Our experience and local reputation will give you confidence that we can offer a fair price.
We also have the experience to value jewellery for insurance, and to advise you about getting jewellery repaired, even complete remodelling.

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