Martin Rees, Jeweller and Pawnbroker


Since antiquity, stones have been linked to the signs of the Zodiac or alternatively to the month in which somebody was born.  And this tradition continues today.
However when I came to prepare this page I encountered a problem.  Every reference work gives a different list!  One major difficulty is that some stones are both linked to months, as well as the sign of the Zodiac, so can be applied to either of the months linked to that Zodiac sign.
In the end I had to write my own list, after consulting various sources from several continents written over a period of many years.  I have tried to avoid artificial stones.  In most cases at least the stones in the various lists look similar - except March.  Here Aquamarine is the first choice - a light blue-green, but some lists show Bloodstone, a very dark green with red flecks, so I decided to list both (but I have to say I prefer Aquamarine).  Although my list may not be exactly the same as others, I have consulted many different sources and believe that it does represent a fair compromise.

January Garnet
Febuary Amethyst
March Aquamarine,  alternative:  Bloodstone
April Diamond, Rock Crystal. Cubic Zirconia (man-made)
May Emerald, Malachite, Green agate (natural stone but dyed)
JunePearls, Moonstone
July Ruby, Carnelian
September Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
October Opal
NovemberTopaz, Citrine